Billy Bragg-onomics

Calculations on the house

In his writeup in the Guardian’s Comment is Free, Billy Bragg does a spot of mathematics to calculate just how many new peers would be necessary for David Cameron to get the Lords to “represent the voter’s wishes”.

Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg

The Billy Bragg-onomics proves that we’d need a house of 1,509 lords to achieve this assuming we still can’t kick lords out (we can only encourage them to resign permanently).

A house bigger than China’s People’s Congress

He also notes that assuming DC wants to reflect seats won rather than votes cast, then we’d need even more nobles, bringing the total to more than 3,000.

Conservation in government

Of course all of this could be solved by reforming the upper house, but hey – when a decision’s been made, it stays made, right? I mean just look at fox hunting, various rates of income and inheritance tax, the green bank, subsidies to green energy and the Human Rights Act… once settled they stay settled – they don’t call them Conservatives for nothing.


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