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Solar area required to provide energy needs

Solar area required to power the world

I came across this picture while researching another article. It really puts into perspective how powerful solar will be in […]

Alternative Energies

Clean energy – another $1bn from Gates

Clean Energy Investment Bill Gates has invested another $1bn in clean energy. His blog explains why he did this, and why […]

Multicolour portcullis

Billy Bragg-onomics

Calculations on the house In his writeup in the Guardian’s Comment is Free, Billy Bragg does a spot of mathematics […]

Multicolour portcullis

Tory Lords on the way by the boat-load

New Tory Lords Hot on the heels of the Lord Sewel scandal, David Cameron has vowed to create ever more […]


Weaponised robots with AI? Just say no!

Weaponised robots with AI capabilities should be banned The Future Of Life Institute is hosting an open letter, unveiled at the International Joint […]


Supermarket robot at Milan Expo

This apple-bagging robot was spotted in the supermarket of the future at Expo 2015.


Am I worth less than a robot?

Growing up I was taught that human life has an immeasurable value and is always greater than anything else. How […]


Pericles’ funeral oration

We came across a museum exhibit about the ancient Greeks. It’s an old quotation, being given at the end of […]


Town in Kent inspires robot transport

WebUrbanist has news of a fake town set up to test driverless cars inspired by non other than local town Gravesend, better […]


Trade Union Bill

The Tories’ new Trade Union Bill has had its first reading in parliament. On the face of it, this is […]