Move over Google Glass… bionic eyes are here!

The Guardian brings us a story about a man receiving an implant that converts light into signals received by electrodes on his retina.

Although it’s only outlines of shapes at the moment, this kind of technology is almost certain to gain clarity in leaps and bounds … and the more we add to our knowledge of machine <> nerve interfaces the quicker the progress is going to be.

The real tipping point is when this stops being solely a technology for “fixing” broken biological parts and starts to become a way of “improving” the human body.

As soon as the cool kids are buying these implants to replace or augment their healthy eyes, this will become a faster, more immediate way of consuming data from the wider network. AR on a smartphone or Google Glass is nothing compared to permanently supplementing the way we perceive the world.




Image Blue Green Eye by Julizs, licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0